The Prevailing Winds EP – Remixed and Remastered is now available on all platforms.

8 years ago I went into Camden Studios with Max Greenwood, Robbie Malone and Graham Hopkins to record my debut EP, I released it on Bandcamp the next year. I was very happy with what we had made and it drew some great praise and support but I didnt really have the spare cash to get it mixed and mastered by a pro at the time (which I really should have). So this year, in between projects I decided to get it polished up and sounding the very best we could get it.

After my great experience with Anthony Gibney on ‘Ghosts of Hope & Magic’ I asked him to lend his amazing studio know how to the 4 track EP and so he looked after the re-mixing while the wonderful Simon Francis provided the re-mastering.

I’m glad we went to this effort because it sounds amazing.

You can get it here:

Please give it a listen and let me know what you think and don’t forget to spread the word!