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Beginning Again!

Great excitement in the air as we break new ground on some new songs. I was honoured to be back at Audioland Studios again to start on recording some new music with the same legends that helped me make Ghosts of Hope & Magic. Adam Marcello on Drums and Keith Duffy on Bass with Anthony Gibney at the helm steering us into the future. Just heard the rough mixes and they sound f***king deadly. There’s a road ahead of us but I’m so happy to be on this journey again with these wonderful dudes.

Prevailing Winds EP Remixed & Remastered – Out Now!

The Prevailing Winds EP – Remixed and Remastered is now available on all platforms.

8 years ago I went into Camden Studios with Max Greenwood, Robbie Malone and Graham Hopkins to record my debut EP, I released it on Bandcamp the next year. I was very happy with what we had made and it drew some great praise and support but I didnt really have the spare cash to get it mixed and mastered by a pro at the time (which I really should have). So this year, in between projects I decided to get it polished up and sounding the very best we could get it.

After my great experience with Anthony Gibney on ‘Ghosts of Hope & Magic’ I asked him to lend his amazing studio know how to the 4 track EP and so he looked after the re-mixing while the wonderful Simon Francis provided the re-mastering.

I’m glad we went to this effort because it sounds amazing.

You can get it here:

Please give it a listen and let me know what you think and don’t forget to spread the word!

Bealtaine Fire Festival at Uisneach 6 May

We’ve been asked to play a really gorgeous festival at Uisneach in Westmeath, known as the Sacred Centre of Ireland it is one of the Royal sites of Pagan Ireland up there with The Hill of Tara. Every May for Bealtaine they put on the Bealtaine Fire Festival with lots of cultural family fun goings on throughout the day leading up to the big Fire that is lit to welcome in The Summer, a tradition gong back thousands of years. It’s completely Sold Out, Can’t wait!

New Single ‘September’ Out Now!

Today sees the release of my new single ‘September’, a very different song to the previous singles, slow and meditative it’s a celebration of this new season where darkness reclaims its throne and a certain magic fills the air.
It comes with a beautiful video which was shot by the very talented Síana O’Connor around various locations in Dublin, its a very beautiful things, I hope you like it.

Listen or buy at Bandcamp

Watch the video on Youtube